About us

To introduce billion people to Jesus & Encourage them to become his true followers

Transform the world by telling people about Jesus.

Talking to our friends about God isn’t always easy, but we've created an Website & app that helps you start the conversation

At Word Was God we recognize that Videos has now become a part of everyday life for all of us. We seem to live through our phones - sometimes to an unhealthy extent - but they are powerful devices that provide each of us with a platform to share our story, and experience the stories of others.

With almost 3 billion people online now, we have never been so connected. So as followers of Christ, now is our chance to reach out to the online mission field that is at our finger tips.

At Word Was God our desire is that this generation would be bold enough to stand up and make the most of what God has placed in our hands, literally, to make sure that no person journeys through their life without hearing what Jesus has done for them.

While at times it can seem like technology creates a scary frontier, we believe that God wasn't surprised by any of these developments.

At every point He made a way for His Church to embrace the opportunities to tell more people of His love, and we believe that the Internet, the furthest reaching of all these technologies, is no different.

At Word Was God we couldn’t be more convinced that God has a purpose for this platform, and so we are dedicated to utilizing it to empower believers everywhere to share the life changing message of Jesus